Moving Tips

Some tips to help with your move

Moving TipsMoving house is right up there in the top most stressful activities you can undertake. It doesn’t seem to matter what size house you’re moving from – big or small – it’s the same. A home move is a disruption to your life which makes it stressful and it will affect the whole family.

It’s doubtful that there are too many people can honestly say they enjoy moving – the end result is great if you’re moving in to your dream home – but all the packing and unpacking is very disruptive. We can help alleviate the stress of packing by doing it all for you if you so wish.

Once we’ve moved you in to your new home, you’ll start establishing your new routine – until it’s fully implemented, try to retain as much of your old routine as possible to keep stress levels down, especially if you have children.

One of the major stress factors when moving will be the financial element which is probably the largest you have to deal with in your life, add that to all the uncertainty it will affect you until it’s all done and dusted.

Another factor is that normally private aspects of your family life become less private during the moving process when dealing with solicitors, mortgage companies and removals companies.

Barkley Home Removals offer our full discretion and considerate approach when dealing with your move – we’re here to help!

Suggested checks

Here are some suggested checks you should make prior to your moving day.

Utilities and Services

  • Inform utilities such as electric, water, gas, telephone and internet company
  • Arrange disconnection and/or new or re-connections


  • Organise mail redirection with the Royal Mail


  • Organise special instructions and procedures for valuable or private items


  • Notify and check insurance details and policies

Make sure you..

  • Clear your loft space
  • Get advice if current/new property has been or will be unoccupied for a time.
  • Disconnect hi-fi, computers and specialist equipment
  • Leave details regarding alarm systems, stop and shut-off valves
  • Dispose of old engine oil, refrigerators or unwanted items
  • Mark dangerous substances or liquids clearly
  • Check property and land for unsafe situations and protect
  • Organise trades appropriately
  • Consider skip hire rubbish disposal and ensure clear on move day
  • Ensure neighbours are fore-warned about any access difficulties
  • Get permissions, cones or permits for parking, loading and unloading
  • Make arrangements for children
  • Protect floor areas
  • Plan any carpet lifting, fitting or refitting
  • Dismantle garden equipment, structures or frames
  • Leave fixtures and fittings safe
  • Dismantle/refit aerials, masts or satellite dishes
  • Leave property secure if unattended
  • Make arrangements for trailers, boats, cars or caravan
  • Pack boxes with care and label contents
  • Pre-organise essential telephone contacts and shops
  • Make arrangements for pets
  • Arrange for a cleaner or handyperson to deal with problems