Packing Services

Household packing services

Packing is a important part of any move and getting it wrong can be costly with breakages or damage. Our experienced and fully trained staff will take care of your packing or part of it for your move. If you prefer to take care of your packing yourself then our DIY Packing option will be the service for you.

Full Packing Service

If you want all your packing taken care of then our Full Packing Service is for you. We send a team of packers to your home before your move to pack all your belongings and prepare all items for your move. Our experienced professional packers will use our quality packing materials to securely and safely pack your items.

Antiques and other precious items will require our Export Wrapping service for extra protection and be packed in our strongest boxes.

Part Packing Service

We also offer a Part Packing Service where our professional packers pack your delicate items to ensure they are safe in transit and you pack the rest of your items.

DIY Packing Service

Our DIY Packing Service is where we provide you removals boxes and tape. We offer a wide range of packing materials at reasonable rates and can deliver it to your home prior to your move. Choosing our DIY Packing Service means you will have to have everything packed and ready for when our porters arrive on your moving day.

Packing advice

Removals boxes and tape

DIY or part packers being supplied materials will receive removals boxes supplied flat with suitable rolls of tape. If you run out of removals boxes or materials just let us know and we’ll supply more.

Making up and sealing the boxes

Tape the removals boxes using two lengths of tape, the first through the middle and across the seam to hold the box together, the second along the seam to seal the box. Repeat on the top of the box when packed and write in marker pen the room where the box will be placed in your new home and a description of the contents eg BEDROOM 1 – CLOTHES. Mark any items FRAGILE if so.

Removals box choice

Smaller removals boxes should be used to pack heavy, small items such as books, records, tins, bottles, cutlery, heavier food and heavy ornaments. Likewise long stemmed glasses, delicate ornaments, fragile china, glasses and small pictures should be packed in small removals boxes. Books should be packed flat or on their edges. Pictures and records should be packed on their edges. Check that bottle tops are tight and packed upright.

Medium removals boxes are the most commonly used and are used for most other household effects such as pots, pans, glass, china, ornaments, pictures, clothing, food etc. When packing china plates they should be placed on their edges, on the bottom of the box in groups of three or four, with paper between each plate. When the bottom of the box is covered continue filling with heavy china, Pyrex, mugs, bowls, vases etc. On top of this place glass and china with glasses upright. Fill the boxes to capacity using soft items such as pillows, cushions, towels, cuddly toys, etc to take up any space on top. It is also a good idea to place soft items between each layer of china. Do not overfill the boxes.

Large removals boxes should be used for lighter items such as clothing, light linen, shoes, bedding, toys, board games etc You may also pack light pots and pans in these cartons. Keep back sufficient large boxes for packing of bedding in current use and mark boxes accordingly ie. BEDROOM 1 – BEDDING, this will ensure they are easily identified for making up beds at your new home.

Emptying removals boxes

When opening the boxes and making them flat, cut through the tape using a knife or scissors, please do not rip the tape off as this is messy and tends to ruin the box. We can collect empty flat boxes after use if you require.

Hanging clothes

The easiest way to move hanging clothes is to use cardboard wardrobes which we can supply at an additional cost.

Chest of draws, Ottomans etc

It is usually unnecessary to unpack chests of drawers, ottomans or similar furniture. The draws can be secured with tape if the contents are not too heavy for our porters to carry

Essentials box

Mark a box ESSENTIALS and put your tea, coffee, kettle, milk and other items you need when you first arrive at your new home.